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Choosing the right size cake

by Online Design

Are you wondering what size cake you will need to best fit your cake topper? Follow this easy blog guide to help you make the right decision and get some tips on decorating cake borders.

As a rule, it’s best to allow an extra half inch around your cake topper, so a 7.5” cake topper requires a minimum of an 8” cake. Once iced, this will leave a small border and your cake topper will look almost flush to the edges of your cake. In the example below a 7.5" round pirate cake topper has been placed on an iced 8" round cake:

It's worth bearing in mind that a round cake topper doesn’t necessarily have to be used on a round cake, it can look equally effective on a square one. So, if you only have a square tin at home don't rule out a round cake topper. In the example below a 7.5" round cake topper has been placed on an 12" square cake, leaving 4 half triangle corners free for further decoration:

A half inch border is only a minimum measurement for your cake and cake toppers can easily be placed on much larger cakes. We have used cakes up to 6 inches larger than our toppers with great effect. The larger your cake is, the wider the border becomes. In this example our A4 cake topper has been placed on a 12" x 16" cake. The border has been left plain and a simple buttercream pattern has been used to define the edges. It creates a clean and simple look:

You can easily fill the space between you cake and the border of the cake topper with buttercream patterns such as stars and roses. You could also used edible wafer decorations to fill the border. Below, a mixed size of edible wafer butterflies have been used around the cake topper on the iced cake:

A final tip is to remember that cake toppers can often be trimmed down with a sharpe pair of scissors, provided your design isn't flush to the edges of the cake topper. This might be useful if you've baked a cake and it's turned out smaller than you were expecting.

If you'd like any more help on choosing the right size cake then feel free to email us at or call us on 01332 799968.